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Everyone Can Make a Difference to Climate Change

Written by May Liew, Head of Sustainability and Open Innovation

The science is complex but climate change essentially means the changes in global weather patterns, including temperature, rainfall and wind, over an extended period. The temperatures on Earth have been rising at about 0.13°C per decade over the past 50 years1. In Singapore, the build-up of carbon dioxide could raise the mean maximum daily temperature to almost 37°C by the year 21002.

The effects of climate change are overwhelming, can we even make a difference? We can as every effort counts and our choices could have a ripple effect to influence others to act.

At SP Group, we aim to empower everyone in Singapore with the awareness of their environmental impact and take action to reduce it. My Carbon Footprint, a carbon footprint calculator we have launched recently, is designed to enable users to track their emissions from their daily activities – electricity, water and gas consumption, mode and duration of commute, frequency of holiday travel, spending habits and food consumption.

Once we are aware of the size of our carbon footprint and which part of our lifestyle contributes the most to it, we can make informed decisions about how to change our habits to reduce our burden on the environment.

Every single action we take for the environment counts. With more people being aware of our environmental impact and adopting green habits such as switching off unused household appliances at the power socket, we can slow down the damaging impacts of climate change and create a more sustainable future together.

Embark on your sustainable journey with us by using My Carbon Footprint. You can access it from or on the SP Utilities app. Download the app at


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2Based on Singapore’s Second National Climate Change Study: Climate Projections to 2100 Report for Stakeholders, published by Centre for Climate Research Singapore, Meteorological Service Singapore

Sep 14 2020