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MyTengah Experience Centre previews living in Singapore’s Eco-smart Energy Town

MyTengah Experience Centre

In line with Singapore’s drive to move the needle on sustainability, SP Group’s (SP) strategic collaboration with the Housing and Development Board (HDB) will develop Tengah – HDB’s 24th Built-To-Order housing precinct, into an AI-enabled, eco-friendly, smart energy town.

Anchoring the eco-smart energy innovation in Tengah is the deployment of SP’s Centralised Cooling System (CCS), Singapore’s first large-scale residential cooling system. CCS is being offered to over 20,000 homes in Tengah, providing up to 30 per cent in energy efficiency savings compared to conventional air conditioning. With CCS, Tengah residents can save energy and cost.

SP has a unique opportunity to introduce and integrate other energy systems, data platforms and digital technologies in Tengah. These include solar photovoltaic installations across three districts, charging systems for electric vehicles, battery storage systems to perform capacity management, and digital applications such as MyTengah app for residents and OneTengah for municipal operators.

S Harsha, Managing Director, Sustainable Energy Solutions (SES) said, “Our partnership with HDB underscores our aspiration to transform  townships in Singapore to Eco-towns. The Tengah project incorporates sustainable energy solutions and digital technologies that will enable and empower future residents to contribute towards building a low-carbon, smart energy Singapore.”

Smart-energy and sustainability starts at home

MyTengah Experience Centre (TEC) located on level two at the Toa Payoh HDB Hub will be open to the public on 20 October. It will give visitors a first-hand look and feel of what it means to be living in Singapore’s first smart energy town that promotes a sustainable lifestyle.

“Seeing is believing. Future residents not only get to experience what their future smart and sustainable homes will be like, but they can also make an informed decision by understanding the green technology and solutions that SP is bringing to them,” said SP Group Vice President of Commercial and Marketing, Cynthia Wong.

How can I visit the MyTengah Experience Centre?

To visit MyTengah Experience Centre, all you need to do is download the MyTengah Companion App to make an appointment before you head over to Toa Payoh HDB Hub. This MyTengah Companion App will also allow you to earn leaf points and rewards when you participate in mini-challenges and activities, so be excited to visit with your friends or family for a fun-filled time.

Future Tengah homeowners will have a chance to sign up for CCS at the Experience Centre and view the actual Centralised Cooling Indoor unit that will be installed in their new home. While CCS is only available to residents at Tengah, the TEC is open to anyone interested to find out more, because green residential housing is here to stay!

Download the app and learn more using the QR code below, and we look forward to seeing you there.

Oct 16 2020