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Gong Gong says Tengah’s an extra cool town
because of Centralised Cooling. It keeps our
home cool, saves energy and money on aircon
bills. Plus, we are saving the planet too!
Now, that’s cool, right?
That’s MyTengah.
cooling system on buildings
Quality & Reliable
Cost Savings
Proven Concept
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9 out of 10 Tengah Residents have chosen Centralised Cooling for their new home


Total Centralised Cooling
Contracts signed as of 14 November 2022

Episode 1 – How does Centralised Cooling work?

Learn why the use of residential centralised cooling is more energy efficient and sustainable. How does Centralised Cooling cool your home and how does it all work?

Episode 2 – Understanding Centralised Cooling’s efficient system and technology

Dive deeper into how Centralised Cooling as a system and technology come together to bring you uncompromising comfort and cost savings.

第一集 – 中央制冷系统运作说明


第二集 – 中央制冷系统高效率和科技说明


What makes
Centralised Cooling cool?


SP has established a partnership with Daikin, a leading brand synonymous with air conditioning quality and reliability for over 50 years in Singapore. Tengah Residents who subscribe to Centralised Cooling will be assured of a strong service and support network, backed by both SP and Daikin.

Tengah residents benefit from best-in-class service and maintenance support packages offered by SP and Daikin for their indoor centralised cooling units.

sp home proven concept


Chiller units are linked together to improve efficiency and to ensure uninterrupted supply even when one is under maintenance.

This same concept has been proven since 2006 by SP’s district cooling system which provides cooling to buildings across Marina Bay such as the MBS Integrated Resort, One Raffles Quay and the Marina Bay Financial Centre.


The Centralised Cooling System (CCS) is a smart and highly efficient cooling technology.

CCS uses chilled water that is generated from highly energy efficient chiller plants to produce cool air for your homes.

Tengah will be Singapore’s and possibly the world’s first public housing township to experience the benefits of centralised cooling, enabling residents to not just save money but also the planet by leading an eco-friendlier lifestyle.

Conventional Cooling
Comes with condensers
Centralised Cooling
No condensers needed


What’s inside your home will look no different from today, as Centralised Cooling indoor units have the same look and feel as conventional aircon units.

Your rooms will be cooled by chilled water supplied by a chiller plant on the rooftop, eliminating the need for a condenser.

This means less maintenance for you, plus if you sign up now, we’ll take care of the set up so you can enjoy it as soon as you move in.


Control your aircon from anywhere – whether you’re at the office or on-the-go – with the smart remote controller. More advanced than conventional remotes, you can pre-cool your home on hot days during your commute back.

With in-built smart features, you can remotely turn off the aircon via the SP Utilities App so there’s no need to worry if you forgot to switch it off when you’re away from home. The app also offers fuss-free smart monitoring for peace of mind. Receive alert notifications if your indoor unit needs maintenance and see performance data of your aircon over time.

Intelligent cooling for
uncompromised comfort
Monitor, manage and
be alerted to anomalies
*Image shown is for illustration purpose only.


Tengah’s residents can look forward to enjoying cool air-conditioning with up to 30% life cycle savings compared to conventional air-conditioning systems.

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Myths vs Truths about Centralised Cooling

You may have heard of some myths about Centralised Cooling. Find out more about the truths behind the myths.
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Fancoil Specifications



Turbo Mode – Rapid cooling with highest fan speed for immediate comfort

Quiet Mode - Effective cooling with lower noise level

Dry Mode - Keeping the room dehumidified, while maintaining room temperature

Sleep Mode


Built in Wireless LAN

Smart home upgradable (Optional)


With Wireless Remote Controller


Selectable Fan Speed - Different fan speed is available for comfort selection

Automatic Vertical Swing - Automatic movement of air discharge louver for uniform air distribution

Manual Horizontal Air Flow - Adjustable horizontal discharge grille for desired air flow direction


Washable Saranet Filter - Removal of airborne dust particles through saranet filter ensures cleaner air supply


Eco-smart and energy efficient solutions like Centralised Cooling will help Singapore to mitigate and build resilience against climate change.

Play your part in reducing carbon footprint while enjoying unprecedented comfort, savings and convenience. Sign up for Centralised Cooling today.

We would love to hear from you. If you have any questions,
write to us at [email protected]

Discover what makes Tengah a special place to live.

Beyond Centralised Cooling, Tengah is a smart energy town where eco-innovations are deployed across HDB blocks and commercial & community facilities, integrated to bring magnified benefits to residents and town operators. See how we are collectively taking action to mitigate climate change and move the needle on sustainability.

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