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Sustainable Living with the Centralised Cooling System
Centralised cooling is an innovative and energy efficient cooling solution that is designed to provide greater convenience to home owners. Hear from our customers about the benefits and experience with this sustainable cooling solution.

MyTengah Experience with Mr David Raja

"Prompt resolution and sound maintenance advise on our minor condensation issues gave us peace of mind. We believe that any remaining issues can be overcome, and the system's long-term benefits outweigh the initial challenges. We have been receiving positive feedback from guests, reaffirming the system's effectiveness. We don’t need to deal with loud noises and heat coming from the compressor. We look forward to enjoying its benefits while contributing to a sustainable future."
Ms Chen, Plantation Garage
"So far, SP has been responsive to our queries on CCS. The system has been working well and the air-conditioning is cold enough for us. Decided to choose CCS as we don't have to worry about maintenance, such as servicing our condenser unit."
Mr Patrick, Plantation Acres
"When the option of CCS was available to me, I took it up because it saved me the hassle of sourcing for my own conventional air-conditioning system. Had a slight leak when it was first installed, but it was quickly rectified by SP. Now, it is working well for my family. Without the condenser unit outside my home, it's much neater. I have relatives living in Tengah who are also enjoying CCS and I will definitely recommend it to others."
Mr Syafiq Junaidi, Plantation Acres
"As an engineer, I understand that you need to give new technology time to test it out, for it to work. My CCS is definitely cold. I use the lowest fan speed but the cool air blowing out was still strong. I went with CCS because it has an advantage of not having a condenser unit, so I don't need to worry about the compressor breaking down or servicing."
Mr Neo, Plantation Acres
"I would give CCS an 8 out of 10 rating. Having been CCS users for two months, we currently have no issues with it. We expanded our master bedroom and found that one FCU is still capable of cooling the entire space. I would also recommend my friends who are getting the 5-room BTO unit at Tengah to sign up for CCS, as it is more cost-efficient without the need to buy and maintain two condensers."
Ms Lim, Plantation Village
"I have been using the CCS since I moved in last December and it's working fine for me, especially in light of the recent hot weather. My neighbours are also enjoying the benefits of the CCS!"
Mr Azhar, Plantation Crescent
"I have no complaints about the CCS. I had my initial doubts because I always been using conventional air-conditioner but so far, CCS has been working well. It’s perfect!"
Mr David K. Raja, Plantation Grange
"My husband and I chose to sign up for CCS because we felt the price for the FCUs was attractive then and there was no condenser unit outside my home. I don’t have to worry about dirt and dust accumulation whenever I open the window. Thus far, CCS works very well for us and it cools the room very quickly."
Ms Christina Toh, Plantation Grange
“With CCS, I can set my temperature at 26 degrees Celsius and it still feels cool enough, compared to my previous conventional air-conditioner that needs to be set at 23 to 25 degrees Celsius for the same cooling effect. I am also glad CCS does not need a condenser unit outside my house, so it’s not so noisy. So far, SP has been prompt and did a good job to address my earlier issues. I would definitely recommend CCS to my friends!”
Madam Yap, Plantation Grange
"CCS is something new. I bought into the idea that it was more energy-efficient so I decided to give it a try. In fact, I find that CCS cools my rooms faster than conventional air conditioning! And without the condenser, I have one less thing to worry about. I am happy with it."
Mr Tan, Plantation Acres
"The idea of CCS is very good and it works well for me. It is a unique concept that does away with the condensers. Now, I don't have to worry about the noise and heat, or the servicing of the condensers. It's hassle-free and easy to maintain."
Mr Elavarasan, Plantation Acres
“I am happy with the CCS. Works well for me. No issues with the system or coldness. No complaints. Service from Daikin is also good. Now I don’t need to worry about cleaning up or having to service the condenser unit. I love it!”
Ms Low, Plantation Village
“I have been using the Centralised Cooling System since I moved into Tengah in Nov 2023. The air-conditioning has been working well and I have not encountered any issues. I am happy with the system!”
Mr Arman, Plantation Acres
“I believe in the centralised cooling system (CCS), because in the long-run, CCS is more sustainable compared to conventional air-conditioning as it uses chillers to produce chilled water for cooling, which is a more energy-efficient process. As with any new initiative, there were teething issues but mine was resolved promptly by SP Group and Daikin, and my system has worked well since.”
Mr Jerome Low, Plantation Grange
“CCS has always worked for me from day 1. While there were minor condensation issues, these were resolved very quickly. I am enjoying the benefits of this sustainable way of cooling.”
Miss Christine Boey, Plantation Grange

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