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is to live in an eco-town of the future. Filled with nature and technology, my friends will love it here. It’s amazing. It’s my home!
It’s MyTengah.
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9 out of 10 Tengah Residents have chosen Centralised Cooling for their new home


Total Centralised Cooling
Contracts signed as of 14 November 2022


Climate change will impact the way we live, work and play. Global warming, in addition to Singapore’s tropical location and building density, makes cooling essential to maintain our quality of life.

To continue enjoying our cooling needs, while doing our part to manage climate change, we must foster a climate of change that enables everyone to choose eco-friendlier cooling, lowering our carbon footprint through efficient systems.

Tengah, HDB’s 24th public housing estate, is one such community. Residents are at the centre of this sustainability transformation journey in Tengah. Together, they will play a part towards a sustainable future, so hear what they have to say.

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By 2040, air-conditioning could account for

up to 40%

of ASEAN’s overall electricity demand, up from 25%, and this growth will be mainly driven by residential and commercial buildings for cooling. (Source: “High time Singapore does something…” TODAY. 20 Feb 2018)

With Centralised Cooling, Tengah will achieve a lower carbon footprint compared to similar HDB estates in Singapore. This equates to energy savings of

30 GWh/year.

town energy
Which is equivalent to:
co2 from factory


12.6 million Kg of CO2

from the air

hdb buildings


7,000 additional 4-room HDB flats




4,500 cars

off the roads

*Calculation estimated and based on assumptions using data sources from SingStat, EMA and E2Singapore.


A great place to live.

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First public housing with Centralised Cooling.

If your new home is going to be in Tengah’s Plantation, Garden, or Park district – congratulations! You will be able to enjoy the hassle-free, uncompromising comfort of Centralised Cooling right in your home.

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Singapore’s eco-friendly, smart energy town.

Tengah is a smart energy town where eco-innovations are deployed across HDB blocks and commercial & community facilities, integrated to bring magnified benefits to residents and town operators. See how we are collectively taking action to mitigate climate change and move the needle on sustainability.

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Discover interesting stories and trivia about Tengah, climate change and sustainability news, energy saving tips, and more.

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