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Papa can plug in his EV once he reaches home in the evening and have it ready for his next trip in the morning!

Now, that’s cool, right?
That’s MyTengah.


A great place to live.

Conveniently Located Fast Charging

10% of parking lots across Tengah will be equipped with EV charging points from SP, while Tengah neighbourhood centres will feature SP’s innovative Fast-Charging Hubs. Relax at home or attend to groceries and other quick errands while your EV charges.

Seamless Customer Experience

We provide best-in-class customer support through our customer hotline*, and continuously update our in-app user experience to bring you a seamless and convenient charging solution.

Highest Safety Standards

Safety is our highest priority. We comply with TR25 (Technical Reference 25), which is the Singapore standard for EV charging installations. This provides you with peace of mind and assurance that your charging is always carried out safely.

User-friendly SP Utilities App

Our app allows you to easily locate charging points, start and end charging and make payment.

Find out more about SP’s EV charging network and locate island wide chargers here.

*EV charging customer hotline: +65 6916 7799

We would love to hear from you. If you have any questions,
write to us at [email protected]