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Solar energy generated from conventional and vertical solar panels in Tengah will partially power CCS.

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Helping Singapore Mitigate Climate Change

SP is deploying both conventional and vertical solar panels (known as building-integrated photovoltaics, BIPV) in Tengah. Tengah will likely have the largest aggregated installation of BIPV in Singapore when fully developed.

Energy Savings

Renewable energy from the solar panels is used to offset energy consumption, resulting in annual energy savings of 5,178MWh* for Tengah.

Carbon Emissions Reduced

Based on energy savings of 5,178MWh for Tengah, the annual carbon emissions reduced, 2,115 tonCO2 is equivalent to carbon absorbed by 105,757 trees for one year*

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*Based on local study done by Building System & Diagnostics (2021), “Tengah Town”.

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