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Recycling plays a key part in reducing global warming and climate change.

In Singapore,

60,000 tonnes

of electronic waste is generated annually.

This is equivalent to discarding

70 mobile phones

per person.

(Source: Towards Zero Waste)

For a land-scarce state like Singapore, the Smart Waste Management System can be a great solution to turn waste into energy or biochar, which keeps the country cleaner and greener.

In 2017,

809,800 tonnes

of food waste was generated and

only 16% were recycled.

The rest of it is incinerated and sent to our precious landfills.

(Source: National Environment Agency)

From 1948 to 2016, Singapore’s annual mean temperatures rose at an average rate of


per decade

and the daily mean temperature are projected to increase by

1.4 °C  to 4.6 °C

Since 2007, Singapore’s energy consumption has increased by


That’s equivalent to adding $1,000 annually to the utilities bill of the average household.

(Source: National Environment Agency)

Temperatures in
Singapore may hit

by 2045.

This will increase the demand for air-conditioning.

(Source: Centre for Climate Research Singapore)

Air-conditioning is also a huge contributor to Singapore’s rising temperatures.



can make a

10% difference

to your energy bill.

(Source: The Straits Times)

You can

Go Green

with paying your bills.

Start being more sustainable by opting for paperless ways to receive and pay your bills such as through apps.

You can

track your

and contribute to Singapore’s sustainability goals.

Monitor your household’s carbon emission and see how your carbon footprint compares to the rest of Singapore.

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